After a quick one-on-one session with Head Coach Mike McConnell (where you'll discuss your goals, questions, and medical history), you'll begin your free trial class at CrossFit Orillia.

During class, you'll get in a great workout, and you'll learn more about the methodology we use, with our coaching staff serving as your personal guide.

The workout will be scaled to your exact fitness level, allowing you to jump right in without fear that you're "not fit enough" or "not ready" to begin.  We customize each class to your needs, altering movements, loads, and times as necessary to give you the best possible experience — in the trial class and beyond.

  • Free Trial Classes available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
  • You'll begin by talking with our head coach about your goals and needs
  • You'll attend a regular class, with a workout scaled to your current ability
  • You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, meet your classmates, and find out if CrossFit Orillia is right for you.

To register for your FREE Trial Class at CrossFit Orillia, just click the button.  You'll give us a few pieces of information, and we'll be in touch right away to confirm your spot.