Thursday 180419

Rope Climb Development

Level 1 – choose one:

(1a) 5 Sets of Lying-to-Standing Rope Climbs (Target: 5 reps/set)

(1b) 5 Sets of Rope Pull Variant (Target: 5x5/side)

Level 2:

8-12x1 Rope Climb or Partial Rope Climb (Target: Able to complete at least 10 full rope climbs)

Level 3:

(3a) 6-10x1 Legless Rope Climb

(3b) 6-10x1 Strict Legless Rope Climb

EMOM 20, alternating:

a) 200m Run

b) 8 Toes-to-Bar

Extra Work: Row OR Assault Bike

5:00 @ 6-7

20:00 Speed Play

5:00 @ 5-6

Speed Play is variation of speed/effort by feel