Wednesday 290818

Bench Press


For Time: 

750m Row OR 1km Run

250 Double Unders 

750m Row OR 1 km Run

TIMECAP: 13:00 


Extra Work: Handstand Push-Up Development

EMOM 18: 4-6 Reps of one of the following, ranked from highest to lowest proficiency:

1) Strict Deficit Handstand Pushup 

2) Strict Handstand Pushup 

3) Handstand Negative to Headstand

4) Box L Headstand Pushup

5) Box L Headstand Pushup Negative

Notes Regardless of which exercise the athlete performs, the emphasis is on submaximal sets with perfect mechanics. The athlete should always break their sets well before failure. For all movements, athlete should be creating a tripod with the head and hands, rather than a straight line