Wednesday 150818

EMOM 18, 3-5 reps of one of the following, ranked from highest to lowest profiency: 

1) Strict Muscle-Up

2) Muscle-Up Negative 

3) 5 Transition Rocks 

-Elevated (most difficult) 

-Supine (medium difficulty) 

-Incline (least difficult)

Notes Athlete should select a variation which allows them to maintain the 3-5 rep range with excellent mechanics and some room in the tank

3 Rounds For Time: 

15/10 Ring Dips 

20 Toes-to-Bar 

60 Double Unders 

TIMECAP: 13:00 

GEAR: 2.5 

Extra Work: Prehab Circuit 4

EMOM 12, alternating: 

a) Row 0:45 @ 6 

b) Squat Flow

c) Kettlebell Flow, left 

d) Kettlebell Flow, right