Tuesday 100718

Front Squat


Build over the first three sets to a challenging but submaximal weight, leaving one solid rep in the tank. Use 90-95% of that weight for the fourth set.


15 Wall Ball, 20# to 10'/14# to 9' 

15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull, 32kg/24kg Kettlebell or 75#/55# Barbell 

Repeat for four cycles, resting 1:00 between cycles. Score continuously. 

GEAR: 3 

Extra Work: Bike Run OR Row

35:00 @ 6 

Athletes should select the modality which is the easiest for them to keep their heart rate controlled. This should be a smooth, steady, pretty easy effort. Athletes should be able to control a full inhale/exhale cycle to be six seconds or longer. If they cannot, they should bring their pace down.