Saturday 020618

2018 Anniversary WODs!


21-15-9 For Time:


Dumbbell Snatch, alternating arms (50/35)

Thruster (95/65)

TIMECAP: 15:00

Notes: Partner One starts the workout by completing the round of 21 for all movements.  Once the 21's have been completed, Partner Two will be tagged by Partner One to start their round of 21 for each movement.  This same format will be used for both the round of 15 and the round of 9. The score is the time of completion of the second round of 9.


For Time:

20 Rope Climbs

800m Run

TIMECAP: 10:00

Notes: Rope climbs can be partitioned as needed between Partner One and Partner Two.  Once the rope climbs have been completed, one of the partners will leave the gym for a 400m sprint.  Once the first partner has returned, the second partner must be tagged and they can then head out for the other 400m sprint. Score is the time of the second 400m completion.

Scaling options, demonstration and further WOD details will be explained at 12:30pm Saturday.  WOD 1/Heat 1 will start at 1:00pm.