Friday 250518

EMOM 15, alternating: 

a) Single Leg Squat Variant 

b) Straight Arm Pull Variant 

c) Straight Arm Push Variant 

Choose single leg squat from the following: 

-Rockback Squat, 5 reps 

-Lateral Squat, 5 reps/side 

-Shrimp Squat to Shin, 5 reps/side 

-Shrimp Squat, 5 reps/side 

-Counterbalance Pistol Leg Lift, 10 reps/side with 5-10lbs 

-Counterbalance Pistol Hold, 0:20/side with 5-10lbs 

-Pistol Hold, 0:20/side 

-Pistol Negative, 3 reps/side 0:05 negative on each rep 

-Rockback Pistol, 5 reps/side 

-Pistol, 5 reps/side 

Choose straight arm pull from the following: 

-Passive Hang, 0:45 

-Active Hang, 0:45 

-Passive Lateral Swings, 20 reps

-Single Arm Active Hang, 0:10/side 

-Single Arm Active to Passive Hang, 5 reps with 0:05 hold on each rep 

-Retracted Hang, 5 reps with 0:05 hold on each rep 

-Single Arm Retracted Hang, 3 reps/side with 0:05 hold on each rep 

Choose straight arm push from the following: 

-Scapular Pushup, 10 reps 

-Single Arm Plank Hold, 0:20/side 

-2 feet From Wall Handstand Hold, 0:45 

-3 inches From Wall Handstand Hold, 0:45 

-Handstand Shrug, 15 reps, pause at top 

-Wall Climb, 5 reps with 0:05 handstand hold on each rep

4 Rounds: 

Row 500m in 2:30 

Max Pullups in 1:00 

Rest 1:30 

GEAR: 2.5

Extra Work: Prehab Circuit 4

EMOM 12, alternating: 

a) 10 Hollow Rock + Russian Twist (unweighted) 

b) 50' High Knees 

c) 12 Banded Archer Pulls 

d) 50' Buttkickers