Monday 101218

Gymnastics Skills:

Handstand Pushup: 

-Level 1: Handstand Pushup Negative, 5x3 (target: 0:10/rep) 

-Level 2: Knees-to-Elbows Handstand Pushup, 5x5 

-Level 3: Quick Kip Handstand Pushup, 5x5 


-Level 1: Static Pistol, 5/side (target: 0:30 hold)

-Level 2: Paused Pistol, 5x5/side (0:03 pause at bottom) 

-Level 3: Pistol, 5x5/side 

On a 2:00 Clock:

21/15 Calorie Row

Max Toes-to-Bar in Remaining Time

Repeat for a total of five cycles, resting 2:00 between cycles.

GEAR: 2.5

Extra Work: Back Squat

4x3, use 75-80% of last week's 6x2

Notes If an athlete did not perform last weeks back squats (Day 5), they should perform that workout here instead.