Friday 261018

Gymnastics Skill Work:


-Level 1: Hollow Rock Muscle-Up-to-Sit, 6x(3+1)x5 

-Level 2: Quick-Kip Muscle-Up, 5x1-3 

-Level 3: Muscle-Up + Tap Swings, 5x(1+2)x1-3 


Chest-to-Bar Pullup/Pullup: 

-Level 1: Tap Swing + Chest-to-Bar, 5x(2+1)x5 

-Level 2: Chest-to-Bar + Tap Swing, 5x(1+2)x5 

-Level 3: Shoulder Width Chest-to-Bar, 5x5 


Handstand Walk: 

-Level 1: Handstand Bailout, 5x5 

-Level 2: Controlled Wall Reach, 5x5 

-Level 3: 2-4 Step Controlled Wall Reach, 5x5 

4 Rounds For Total Reps:

2:00 Max Pushups

2:00 Max Calorie Row

2:00 Rest

GEAR: 2.5

Extra Work: Conventional Deadlift

6x4, use 95% of last week's top set of 6

The first two reps of each set are performed with a three count pause just below the knees.