Saturday 090917


Power Snatch

16x1 EMOM

Start at 60% of 1RM, add weight after no fewer than two technically sound lifts. Go big if it's feeling good! Percentage is of full snatch. If you do not have an established 1RM you should start with a weight you could comfortably triple, and work from there. Ask your coach for help :)

Front Squat


Behind the Neck Strict Press

5RM X131 Tempo

Notes X131 = Accelerate up, pause at top, three second eccentric, pause at bottom. Tempo and position take precedence over load.



3 x 100' Buttkicks + 100' High Knees + 100' Carioca Fast, light feet, focus on your movement, don't just go through the motions

4 x 50' A-Skip + 50' B Skip

3 x 10m Takeoff Start from three point stance. Focus on staying low as you start and letting your chest rise naturally, rather than intentionally pulling up.

3 x 30m Flyaway Gradually build your speed over the first 20m into an all-out sprint for the final 10

1x100m, submaximal

1x200m, submaximal

1x400m, max effort time trial

The purpose of the 100m and 200m is to find/build to the approximate speed you will run for your 400m time trial. Rest as needed after the 100m and 200m prior to the 400m, but not so long that you get cold.


2 Rounds @ 6:

Assault Bike 15:00

Row 15:00

Run 15:00

If you have a heart rate monitor, wear it. Keep HR between 120-140. Record distance per 15 minute block and average HR.