Saturday 230917

Extra Work Saturday!

Snatch from Blocks or Hang (Above Knee)

5x3, use 95% of last week's top working weight 

Clean and Jerk from Blocks (Above Knee)

5x3, use 95% of last week's top working weight 

Push Press

AMRAP 20 @ 80% of 1RM Maximum: 40

Focus is keeping all sets submaximal, and all reps fast and technical. Take all 20 minutes and keep all sets relatively easy. 

Rope Climb Development

16:00 Volume Accumulation of one of the following, listed from highest to lowest proficiency: 

-L Rope Climb
-Strict Legless Rope Climb from Seated
-Strict Legless Rope Climb from Standing
-Legless Rope Climb
-Rope Climb w/Legs
-Long, Medium, or Short Rope Pull (3-5/side per set)
-Lying-to-Standing Rope Climb

Select a variation which is challenging enough that it is strength work rather than conditioning, but allows them to accumulate a good amount of volume (8 climbs or more.)

Sled Push

6x100', use 65-70% of last week's 100' max effort

These are speed sets. If 65-70% is too heavy to stay explosive for the full distance, reduce load accordingly. Rest as needed between sets.

Assault Bike

5:00 @ 6, 3:00 @ 7, 2:00 @ 8

Rest 2:00

8 Sets:
20/15 Calories @ 10
2:00 Rest