Saturday 150717

Push Press + Power Jerk + Split Jerk


Ring Row

5x8-10 @ X131 Tempo

Alternate with landmine lateral raise. X131 = Accelerate up, pause at top, three second eccentric, reset as needed at bottom. Exaggerate range of motion of scapulas, fully protracting at bottom, fully retracting at top, maintaining hollow through full range of motion. Select the angle/elevation of the feet to allow for good sets – tempo and position take precedence over increasing the load through a more challenging angle!

Landmine Lateral Raise


Alternate with ring rows. Pause at both ends. Initiate concentric by retracting scapula, then exhale throughout concentric, fully exhaling during pause at top. Initiate eccentric by protracting scapula, then inhale throughough concentric. Use no more than an empty barbell, 15kg and lighter bars.


@ 6:

Assault Bike 10:00

Row 10:00

Run 10:00