Friday 310317

Clean Pull + Power Clean + Clean: 2-2-2, 3x2

Build over the first three sets to a challenging but manageable weight. Repeat that weight for the remaining three sets. Sets should be crisp and snappy, and the powers should be obvious powers, not "instant replay" powers.

AMRAP In 14 Minutes:

250m Row
10/6 Strict Handstand Pushups
10 Overhead Squats, 115#/75#


Extra Work:

EMOM 12, alternating:

a) 5 Back Squats, use 90% of top set from Tuesday of this week.
b) 6/4 Bar Muscle-Ups

Back Squat: If you were not present for that workout (Tuesday), you can perform that here instead (and do some bar muscle-up work if desired.)
Bar Muscle-Up: Sets are meant to be submaximal. Scale reps to keep them only moderately difficult. Scale movement to jumping bar muscle-up.