Saturday 250217


We will still continue to post extra work for Saturdays during the 5 weeks of the Open.  If you are unable to do the Open workout on Friday nights, we will be running heats of the WOD on Saturdays as well.  We will also try our best to work around/with people attending Open Gym, we just ask for cooperation from everyone :) Thanks in advance!

Snatch High Pull + Snatch 10x1 EMOM

Athletes who have an established 1RM should start at 75%. Athletes who do not have an established 1RM should begin with a load which allows crisp, snappy reps with no chance of missing, and plenty of room to add load.
Add load after no fewer than two, no more than four good lifts. Do not touch-and-go between the high pull and the snatch.

Run 50 minutes @ 6 + 800m Surges

@ 10:00, 20:00, 30:00, and 40:00, Run 800m @ 9

Over the course of each 10 minute set, you should be gradually building your pace to a near maximal effort at the allotted time. Then cool down/recover as you enter the next segment, and start building your pace again.

Overhead Squat 2RM

TIMECAP: 20:00