Friday 101117

Handstand Push-Up Development

15:00 Volume Accumulation of one of the following, listed from highest to lowest proficiency: 

1) Strict Deficit Handstand Pushup
2) Strict Handstand Pushup
3) Handstand Negative to Headstand
4) Box L Headstand Pushup
5) Box L Headstand Pushup Negative 

For Time: 
30x10m Shuttle Run
100m Dumbbell Farmers Walk
200 Double Unders (50 rep segments unbroken)
100m Dumbbell Farmers Walk
30x10m Shuttle Run

TIMECAP: 16:00
GEAR: 2.5 

Extra Work: Half Kneeling Alternating KB Press/Ring Row/Front Plank

3 Sets For Quality: 
20 Half Kneeling Alternating Kettlebell Press
10 Ring Rows
1:00 Front Plan