Thursday 120117

0:00-5:00 AMRAP in 5 minutes:

8 Box Jumps
2 Wall Walks

5:00-10:00 AMREPs in 5 minutes:

Row For Calories

10:00 (and on) For time:


Dumbell OR Kettlebell Thrusters
Toes-To-Bar OR Hollow Rocks

One of the hardest things we've had to deal with during our CrossFit adventure is the misconceptions and myths surrounding CrossFit and the "invincible ignorance" from anyone who claims CrossFit is dangerous.  We (believe it or not) are still (constantly) fighting this fight.  We always have to assume there is push back from the medical community or friends/family who "read a thing" on the internet saying overhead movements are bad for you, "heard it somewhere" that squatting below parallel is bad for you, etc etc etc.  Watch this video to hear more from Greg Glassman and some box owners who have run into much of the same.  Warning: colourful language. 

Follow this for success:

Technique --> Consistency --> Intensity.  

Get it. Get it down. Add intensity.