Friday 230916

Weighted Ring Dips: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

For the weighted ring dips, ascend in weight if possible ending at a heavy set of 1.  Other options will be listed on the board.

For time:

2 Mile Run

If you are planning to cherry pick, you need to ask yourself 'why?'.  Usually that means it is something you need to be at the gym for to work on.  I always struggle with whether or not to post these WODs as I am worried it will deter people from showing up.  Give it a second thought if you are hesitant.  We would love to see you come in and do your absolute best :) That's all we ask.

Did you know that the most posted workout on since it's beginning is 5km run for time?  That should speak volumes on the importance of adding in medium length runs into workouts.