Thursday 040816

Jordan recently raced in Montreal at the Spartan Ultrabeast.  He has found a new love of obstacle course racing and CrossFit has played a large role in his fitness leading up to these races.  The courses are filled with mental toughness and physical challenges.  Functional fitness (as seen in CrossFit) is one of the best ways to prepare for races and events of this kind.  

Way to go Jordan!

For time:

Wall Balls

Double Unders (x2 single skip)

Pull-Ups OR Jumping Pull-Ups

i.e. 25 wall balls, 50 double unders, 10 pull-ups - 20, 40, 10 - 15, 30, 10 etc...

Every minute on the minute, including the start of the workout, stop and do 3 burpees.

Cash out:

1 min max rep Hollow Rocks
2 min max rep Shuttle Run (10m)
1 min max rep Hollow Rocks