Intensity - Don't get comfortable!

Recently we posted a workout that was in a CrossFit Journal blog post regarding intensity.  The workout looked like this:

For Time:

100 Wall Balls

Each time you break, stop and do 13 burpees before continuing with the wall balls.

This workout reeks of intensity due to the incentive given by the burpee penalty.  After your first set of burpees, you don't want to see them anymore so you push hard to get large sets of wall balls done.  What is the purpose?  To push through that comfort zone barrier and prove to yourself that you're capable of so much more than your mind allows you to think.  If you go into that dark place - that really uncomfortable place where the pain is - you will survive. What's more is you'll be fitter for it - both mentally and physically.   We're not saying to push out crappy reps.  What we're suggesting is that you can go faster and you can go longer. 

Here is the article I am referring to:

Elliptical Syndrome Cripples Fran, Helen

Give it a read - it's relatively short and full of really great info.

- Mike