The Magic Pill

For the first blog post, I felt it fitting to revisit a post I wrote a year or so ago.  I feel it will always be relevant and is a good refresh for a lot of people.

The Magic Pill


What if I told you there were two ways to become rich in a year and all you had to do was decide which way to proceed?

Option #1 requires you to work only a single day over the next year.

Option #2 requires you to work every day within the same year.

Which one would you choose?  Obviously we would all take Option #1.  It’s a no brainer.  The problem is that Option #1 doesn’t exist - at least not to the 99.9% of us who didn’t win the 50 million dollar jackpot last week...

Let’s apply this same idea to fitness.  The “easy way” is portrayed on television and Internet ads all the time.  It’s actually kind of painful seeing some of the recommended videos on my YouTube homepage or the side scroll of my Facebook newsfeed - “Lose 30 pounds in a week without exercise! Just buy this jiggly thing that you stand on 10 minutes a day for $1000!! That’s all!!!” 
And do I really need to remind you that someone actually invented the shake weight?

I digress, but you get the idea.  My point is that for some reason people actually fall for these gimmicks.  They truly believe this is what will cure what ails them.  I am sorry (but not sorry) to have to burst that ridiculous bubble, but - IT. TAKES. HARD. WORK.  - A lot of hard work.  Forever.

To get stronger, you have to start with the basics and strength train on a very regular basis.  For technical lifts you need to work technique over and over and over.  These things just don’t appear overnight.  They don’t happen by accident. 

The same principle applies to nutrition.  There is no MAGIC PILL.  You need to eat real food.  You need to weigh and measure it.  You need to do this for a long time.  The results are guaranteed but you have to follow the guidelines ‘to a T’.  I promise you there is no healthy fad diet, pill, weight loss promise other than eating clean and healthy and controlling the portions of the 3 primary macro-nutrients.

I know I am preaching to the choir here.  We have a roster full of hard working careful people at our gym.  It’s always good to have a reality check once in a while to keep us grounded and remind us to focus on the basics.  Keep up all your hard work and keep it to baby steps.  Everything comes together over time :)